#2 – a clutch :: on auction

Writers collect their rejection letters. Actors collect their casting call rejections. Painter save their rejected paintings.

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Getting rejected is part of the creative profession. If you haven’t been rejected you haven’t tried to show your work. After 30 years  I still get rejected. What do I do? Move on to the next project.

To celebrate 30 years of professional activity I’m transforming paintings into assembled sculptures,  collectable art objects, and wearable art. These are marked with a stitched Scarlet X to differentiate them from my gallery paintings. Available only directly through me.

#2      a clutch

Two paintings of NYC transformed into a collectable art object

See ebay auction for shipping costs and details.

See #1 on auction

Soon I will tell you the story about the blue nude. It was painted in Maryland on the top of Braddock Heights.

Reject n.1 :: live Auction, now!

In my last post I  mentioned the blue nude and its history.  Momentarily I don’t have time to divulge this story because I’ve got rejects. But here is a clue: the person who bought the painting is a man…

To celebrate 30 years of professional activity I’m going to auction off some rejects.

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Reject #1

Reject #1 is absolutely useless. But it’s pretty, right? Like an eternal flower. Better than a plastic flower.

Reject n.1 is so light in weight it almost Continue reading