About Angie

Professionally active since 1985 with more than 70 exhibitions


Angie Brooksby-Arcangioli is registered at the Maison des Artistes, Paris. She has been interviewed live for NBC, has been in documentaries and much more.

Brooksby on wikipedia,  ARTNET on ARTPRICE  Read about her: On Art And Aesthetics


She is considered to be one of the 100 Must Have artists byCarré d’Artistes.

For more than 30 years Brooksby has painted various themes in the Contemporary Realism style.  These series are Italian Food Paintings, Tuscan landscapes, New York City, Amsterdam, Contemporary Paris, American Southwest, illustrated postcards of Parisian delights.

Beyond realism she  paints abstracts with Farrows & Ball paint. These are pure meditation, done in a dance to the rythm of a gong that hangs in her atelier. This series is concieved as decor and she sells it under the guise of My Om Decor. The other series is Tree of Life series which came to her based on a dream of a fig sacred tree. It’s a union of art and yoga, full of symbolism. Brooksby has been practicing yoga since 1981 and she teaches Nada Yoga.

Brooksby was born in New York in January of 1965.  She studied photography with Margaret Dowell— co- author of Addiction and Art– then obtained a BFA in sculpture at the Maryland Institute College of Art,  where she studied under John Shahn, son of social realist painter Ben Shahn.  In 1986 she studied sculpture in Florence, Italy at SACI via the Art Institute of Chicago. Then at the Accademia de Belle Arti di Firenze.

In 1988 she bought a one way ticket to Italy. For years she rode her vespa thoughout the countryside with her easel strapped to the back.  When a vespa wasn’t large enough she got a van. Her favorite story about painting on site in the Tuscan countryside is when two blind people taking a stroll with their friend, who was recounting what there was to see, bought the painting off her easel. Ask her about it.

Telemaco Signorini, G. Fattori, and Llewlyn Lloyd, and the Coloristi Toscani were her muses. While in Florence she co-founded the Tuscany-Painting gallery and initiated the exhibition Cuori Infranti.  On a whim, one day January 2007, she moved to Paris and has been there ever since.

Paris was where she’d always dreamt to live. The city of science, art, and love.

Her favorite book for artists is M.E. Chevreul for his book The Principles of Harmony and Contrast of Colors.

Professional activity since 1985 with more than 70 exhibitions:


ARTEXPO NYC • Ÿ Luxembourg Art Fair • Arte Nocturne Knocke •Ÿ Cocoon, Bruxelles • ArtShopping, Paris •Ÿ Art-O’clock, CNIT •Ÿ Parattissima, Turin Italy •Ÿ GMAC, Paris • Ÿ Premio Sulmona Italie Ÿ• Parma Art •

EXPOS in GALLERIES           

France   –   Paris •ŸŸ Saint Tropez •ŸŸ Honfleur •ŸŸCannes •ŸŸ Saint Paul de Vence Ÿ•Ÿ Royan •ŸŸ Rouen Ÿ •Ÿ Lille Ÿ•Ÿ Metz •Ÿ   USA –  New York Ÿ•Ÿ Sedona, Arizona Ÿ•Ÿ Park City, Utah Ÿ •Ÿ Albuquerque, New Mexique Ÿ•Ÿ Nantucket•Ÿ Frederick, Maryland •Ÿ
Italie  –  Roma •Ÿ Milan Ÿ •Ÿ Florence Ÿ•Ÿ Castellina in Chianti Ÿ •Ÿ Cortona
Belgique  – Bruxelles Allemagne – Heidelberg Ÿ•Ÿ Stuttgart


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Corporate Collections

Private Collections:

  • Helen Smith Foundation, Maryland
  • Catherine B. Stetson, Albuquerque, NM www.stetsonlaw.com

Awards and Prizes

  • 1983 May 1st prize Frederick County Art Association
  • 1988 Scuplture selected to be in permanent collection, “Art For City Hall“, Frederick Maryland
  • 1983 Maryland Insitute College of Art, portfolio selected as model for new students
  • 1984 Fanny B. Thalheimer Prize
  • 1984 – 1985 Loats Foundation scholarship
  • 1986-1987 Ephraim Keiser Prize
  • 1986-1987 James Young Memorial Prize
  • 1984 Senatorial Scholorship, John W. Derr state senator, Senate of Maryland
  • 1999 Premio Italia 1st prize painting, Florence
  • 1999 SANTIÀ , “Antonio Baratta prize“  National Exhibition of contemporary painting, Italy
  • 2013 bronze medal from the city of Paris

Exibitions & Galleries

  • 2019 Bleecker Street – Carré d’Artistes gallery, New York City
  • 2018 August – Art Knocke
  • 2018 Novembre Cocoon, Brussels
  • 2017 Novembre PARATISSIMA, Turin, Italy
  • 2017 Novembre ART UP Rouen
  • 2017 June Dédicace Carré d’artistes gallery, Sedona, Arizona
  • 2016 Luxembourg Art Fair
  • 2016 August, La Nuit des Artistes, Honfleur, Villa Domuse
  • 2016 April – Dédicace at Carré d’Artistes, Paris Saint Germain gallery
  • 2016 Rossini Auction house with AMFE
  • 2015 October- Dédicace at Carré d’Artistes Lille
  • 2015 Un Tigre Dans La Ville, Metz ,work sold on auction
  • 2015 August – La Nuit des Artistes, Paris Art Web, Honfleur
  • 2014 June – Portes Ouvertes – Lézarts de la Bievre – Paris
  • 2014 May – Grand Marché d’Art Contemporain- Bastille – Paris
  • 2014 April – ‘Manhattan Dream’ Galerie In3Arts – Metz –
  • 2014 March- Salon de Printemps, mairie du Véme, Paris
  • 2013 October – ArtShopping, Carrousel de Louvre, Paris
  • 2013 September Art-O’clock, Cnit, Paris
  • 2013 September Galerie Clarus Ligny le Ribault
  • 2013 June-September Galerie Carte Blanche Royan
  • 2013 June-September Galerie Artemptation Bruxelles
  • 2013 June – Grand Marché d’Arte Contemporain (GMAC) – Saint Sulpice, Paris
  • 2013 May – Galerie Terre des Arts, Paris
  • 2013 April Salon de Printemps ,mairie du Véme, Paris
  • 2012 November Grand Marché d’Art Contemporain- Bastille Paris – chapiteau
  • 2012 June – September,  Galerie Terre des Arts, Saint-Tropez
  • 2012 Avril – Salon de Printemps, mairie du Véme, Paris
  • 2011 October Grand Marche D’Art Contemporain (GMAC)
  • 2011 September,  Le Christine, Paris 75006 – SOLO
  • 2011 June –  Galerie Terre des Arts, Paris SOLO
  • 2011 summer  SOUTH WHARF GALLERY, Nantucket, USA
  • 2011 March –  Arthé, Paris – SOLO
  • 2011 April, Labapalooza, CSHL, NY
  • 2011 March, NYC Streets, Art-Thé, Paris, SOLO
  • 2010 100×100 Gourmandise – Pairs SOLO
  • 2010 Summer at Hooper, CSHL, New York SOLO
  • 2010 Galerie Terre des Arts, Paris SOLO
  • 2009 Hotel La Pearl, Paris
  • 2009 Galerie Itinerrance, Paris
  • 2008 Meilleurs Talents, galerie Terre des Arts, Paris
  • 2008 PLEINS FEUX, galerie Fernand Leger , Ivry-Sur-Siene
  • 2008 Cuori Infranti (Broken Hearts) Florence
  • 2007 March, Petit Vernissage, Paris SOLO
  • 2006  IL VINO E LA TOSCANA, Castellina in Chianti SOLO
  • 2006 March ARTEXPO, NYC
  • 2005 CUORI INFRANTI (Broken Hearts) Florence
  • 2005 LANDSCAPES OF TUSCANY AND WINE, Castellina in Chianti SOLO
  • 2004 “Loc.” Gallery Albero Celeste, S. Gimignano. http://www.alberoceleste.com
  • 2004 XXXI PREMIO SULMONA. Sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Fine Arts
  • 2003-2004 COSE BELLE, Albuequerque, NM.
  • 2002-2003 Thomas Anthony Gallery, Park City, Utah. – http://www.thomasanthonygallery.com
  • 2002 PAINTINGS OF TUSCANY, Galerie Severini, Cortona SOLO
  • 2002 HOCSC, Heidelberg.
  • 2002 XXIX PREMIO SULMONA. Sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Fine Arts
  • 2001-2006 Tuscany Painting Gallery, Florence Italy
  • 2001 LANDSCAPES OF TUSCANY, Palazzo Ferretti, Cortona SOLO
  • 2001 XXVIII PREMIO SULMONA. Sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Fine Arts
  • 2000 ARTISTI IN FIERA, Parma Arte, Parma Italy
  • 2000 L’ARMONIA DEI COLORI,  City Hall Pontassieve, Florence
  • 2000 PRIMA VIVANDA , Gallery La Tuscia, Certaldo SOLO
  • 1999-2001 SOUTH WHARF GALLERY, Nantucket.- http://www.southwharfgallery.com
  • 1999 PREMIO ITALIA, Palais Pretorio, Certaldo. First prize, painting
  • 1999 IL VINO NEL ARTE , hommage to 20 Florentine Painters, 63e EXPO di artisans, Salle d’Armes, Fortezza da Basso, Florence
  • 1999 UN FIUME E LE SUE TERRE, Villa Caruso, Lastra a Signa, Florence
  • 1999 PRIX SANTHIÀ, Santhià. Sponsoried by the region of Piedmont
  • 1998 PAINTINGS OF CHIANTI, Salle del Capitano, Castellina in Chianti SOLO
  • 1998 CON/SENSI, Casa degli Artisti G. Vittone, Tenno Italy
  • 1998 IL RACCONTACOLORI, in honour of art critic Tommaso Paloscia, Oratorio de Foligno, Florence
  • 1996-2001 Wendy Cooper Fine Art, Madison, Wisconsin
  • 1989 SCULPTURE IN PROGRESS, Frederick Festival of the Arts, Frederick Maryland
  • 1988 CATAPETL GALLERY, Frederick Maryland.
  • 1985 TWO ARTISTS, Weinberg Center for the Arts, Frederick Maryland


  • 100 Artistes à Collectionner – 100 Must Have Artists – AC editions Carré d’Artistes selection
  • Metz: à la découverte de la peinture sur… tigres
  • Karen Gardener, “Artist Illuminates the Streets of Paris in her Paintings” The Frederick News Post, February 1, 2010
  • Carlo Fabrizio Carli, “Una Scelta di Pluralismo,“ catalogue of xxxie Premio Sulmona, Sept.-Oct. 2004.
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  • Karen Gardener, “Local artist has come a long way,“ The Frederick News Post, 13 January 1995 on occasion of a presentation of recent works, 30% of sales donated to Frederick County Arts Àssociation Deleplaine Visual Arts Center. Frederick Maryland
  • Roberta Fiorini, “Ironic daily Fables”  cover article for the magazine Eco D’Arte Moderna, Jul-Sept. 1999

TV and Media

  • 2000 May 4th, NBC, The Today Show,  Interviewed live by Matt Lauer for “Where in the World is Matt Lauer?”
  • 1998-2006 various interviews with Toscana TV
  • Nikkei TV
  • Documentary regarding Stendhal Syndrome produced by Filmateria


  • 1988-1990 Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze
  • 1988 – BFA in sculpture Maryland Institute College of Art – MICA
  • 1987 – Studio Art Centers International SACI – Florence, Italie
  • 1982 -Goucher College – Invitational summer workshop