Reject n.1 :: live Auction, now!

In my last post I  mentioned the blue nude and its history.  Momentarily I don’t have time to divulge this story because I’ve got rejects. But here is a clue: the person who bought the painting is a man…

To celebrate 30 years of professional activity I’m going to auction off some rejects.

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Reject #1

Reject #1 is absolutely useless. But it’s pretty, right? Like an eternal flower. Better than a plastic flower.

Reject n.1 is so light in weight it almost doesn’t exist. It weighs 11 grams. That’s 4 times less than Chicken! But not less useless.

Chicken is my assistant.

His new passion is that yellow percussion egg.

Reject #1 is comprised of 6 little oil paintings on linen.  These 10x10cm oils were painted in 2013/2014. They were exhibited at a gallery and returned to me because the gallery discontinued this format.  They were too small. Each one of these was selling for 70 euro .

6 x70 = how much?  That’s correct 0.99 euro cents

The assemblage was created on my trusty Necchi sewing machine. It does exactly what I tell it to do because it is steam punk. It does not talk back to me. The stitching on this somewhat cubic shape is decidedly dilettante. Hey, I’ve been painting for 30 years , not sewing. If those loose threads will keep you up at night, REJECT #1 is not for you.


REJECT #1 is guaranteed to break the ice if you need to cut the small talk and find out if that new prospect is a “yes man”. It is advisable to place it in a position where it can’t be missed.

REJECT #1 may help dysfunctional families to destroy their habitual conversational loops. Nonetheless, it may not.

To bid on this reject: click on this link