Fan Page: Brooksby on your walls



Dear Angie,

today, we’ve received your painting „Passage Saint Germain“ and we love it. It perfectly fits into our living room complementing the color palette of our interior design.

Best wishes,




Good afternoon,Thank you very much for your email. The two works of art have now reached us after a few delays and we are really enjoying them.Please convey your best wishes to the artist. The two gentlemen have found a new home and, who knows, may need a little company soon :-)-

Guten Tag Frau T.
besten Dank für Ihre Mail. Die beiden Kunstwerke haben uns mittlerweile nach einigen Verzögerungen erreicht und wir haben viel Freude daran. 
Bitte richten Sie der Künstlerin die besten Wünsche aus. Die beiden Herren haben ein neues Zuhause gefunden und benötigen, wer weiss, vielleicht schon bald ein wenig Gesellschaft :-)


It’s beautiful


Private collection in
Yorkshire, England

About 25 years ago, I met you during what became one of my favorite art/travel memories: I saw you and your work at the Piazzale Michelangelo in Firenze and immediately loved your paintings, but my tour bus was leaving. (I was in college and traveling with my parents.) You said, “Call me this evening if you want and I can moped to your hotel and bring my paintings.” 

That evening I announced to the tour group that you’d be visiting the hotel lobby after dinner and I think several people bought paintings from you. The painting I bought of the Arno (with the Ponte Vecchio in the distance), in a fouvist style of bright colors, has been in a prominent place in my apartments ever since. 

I would insert a photo of the painting here, but I don’t think this online form allows that. I can email it to you with your address.

I wanted to reconnect with you, not only to say how much I’ve appreciated the painting (thank you!), but also to brainstorm a potential commission to celebrate 25 years later, if you’re open to commissions. I could share some favorite travel photos as ideas.  

All best,

A. F.
Washington DC

Angie – wanted to drop you a quick note that I just bought three of your landscape paintings at the Sedona carre d’artistes location. 

They are beautiful and will show nicely in our house in Brooklyn.