Petite Venimme: a painting a day from France happy Halloween

Available on my online shop clic on the link to open in a new tab. Oil on canvas board 14 x 18 cm.

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This is from an exhibition that I had in a restaurant in Paris. I painted 100 small format paintings of French Gourmandises and hired the restaurant. 54 sold on the first night. I had worked for 3 months to prepare them and blogged one everyday. A few people who came to the opening were scandalised by me selling 54 little paintings in one night for 100 euro each.

When I painted food paintings in Italy they sold before I could finish them. One day, a lady from California whose house was burning down from wildfires walked by to see me painting in the window of the studio shop in Florence. I was doing these long skinny table scenes that I called Xenia. That’s what the Romans called the frescoes of food they painted into the niches of their villas. Xenia was a gift to the gods. And an offering to their guests.

Anyway, this lady whose house was burning down came in and told me the story of the wildfires. She was upset but decided to take it as blessing somehow. She wanted to buy the painting in progress. But I had sold it to someone else right before her. She commissioned it and said at least she’d have something to decorate her new house that she was going to build. It”s one of the paintings on my front page.