6620. Les Crocos – an illustration a day from Paris, France –

6620 – Les Crocos : approx 10x15cm : ink and watercolor on archival watercolor paper.

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Food packaging is very well researched in this a the history of packaging by Paula Hook and Joe E. Heimlich. Here is a quote “Although commercial paper bags were first manufactured in Bristol, England, in 1844, Francis Wolle invented the bag making machine in 1852 in the United States.” They state that the Chinese invented cardboard in the early 17th Century and glass containers can be found from 7000 years ago but it was the Kellog Brothers who had the genius to package cereal in boxes. The biggest advancements in individual proportions were thanks to the military. I read somewhere in a Slowfood magazine that it was the Scottish Army who discovered the use of packaging. So much trash we’ve made in 100 years.

The French love Haribo. I don’t eat candy but I do love these packages.