6520. Les Dragibus – an illustration a day from Paris, France –

6520 – Les Dragibus : approx 10x15cm : ink and watercolor on archival watercolor paper.

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The history of food packaging is fascinating. A little over 100 years ago there wasn’t any packaging. Here is a good summary of how we have gotten to this point in this short a time of human history on the planet earth. Tons of trash we’ve produced only to pop a few candies in our mouths or eat a yogurt and throw the pot away to find it on the beach 25 years later, intact. The food packaging industry is huge. Packaging is designed based on psychological studies. If you want to be an infographic artist there are basically 2 options. The first is packaging. Stop eating sugar and see how much individual packages you consume.

The French love Haribo. I was kind of shocked to see so much candy when I first moved here.