6020. Haribo Happy Life- an illustration a day from Paris, France –

6020 – Haribo Happy Life: approx 10x15cm : ink and watercolor on archival watercolor paper.

To purchase go to >> >> available postcards << << There are lots to choose from including Parisians wearing masks , unmasked nudes, Hausmanian façades, French cuisine and more from my follies in the city of lights.

I don’t even eat Haribo but I love their packages. This one is extra sized because I couldn’t find the small ones and I have to hide it behind my paintings. There was one of the Post Machiaoli painters who was so poor he had to ask his neighbour to borrow a fish. The fish was the dinner but the painter wanted to use it for a still-life. I can’t remember who it was. I’ve painted a lot of fish. It really makes the difference when you paint from life compared to painting from photos.