4520. MILLEFEUILLE FRAMBOISE- an illustration a day from Paris, France –

4520 – Millefeuille Framboises : 10x15cm : ink and watercolor on Arches archival


Here is a link to all the available postcards. Check it out. There are Parisians wearing masks on the metro, nude art models strutting their stuff, Parisian façades, and more from my follies in the city of lights.

Artistic liscence for the tartes au framboise. I made them into millefeuille. They were with the fraisiers from yesterday’s post in a boulangerie over in the 11th on rue Oberkampf. Very close to the awesome yoga studio Māyāshala. If you do yoga Māyāshala is the place to be. I love watching their instagram feed, sometimes you can find the owners posing with a gas station attendant or in a clothes washer. And then of course if you walk down rue Oberkampf you can get one of these Fraisier for half the price of what they sell them in the 17th.

From the boulangerie on rue Oberkampf in the 11th.