3820. White Sky of Paris- an illustration a day from Paris, France –

n. 3820, White Sky of Paris , mixed media on Bristol, aprox 10x15cm

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Why the White Sky of Paris? Here’s the story.

When I had an atelier in Ivry-sur-Seine, back in 2007, there was artist named George who had an atelier next to mine in the . He was quite a peice of work, if you know what I mean. Talk about OCDC. The setting was an artists dream la Fabrique des Artistes. It was a bit bohemian for my taste with holes in the walls that let in the winter fog, but it had its good points like instead of sweeping all you had to do was whitewash the floor once a month. It wasn’t cheap either.

Anyway about George, that’s not his real name. He had ideas about things that were down right weird. One day we were talking about the white sky of Paris. The uncanny color it is and he told me that he added quinachridone and phtalo green to zinc white to get this unique sky color. I was like WTF, who would ever make such an awful mix. Then I rushed to try it and to my amazement it worked.

I wrote a novel called White Sky of Paris. It’s sitting on my shelf right in front of my eyes. No one else has ever seen it. George is part of the story.