34. The Queen of France- an illustration a day from Paris, France –

an illustration from Jardin de Luxembourg
The Queen of France – pen and ink on Bristol – 10x15cm –

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It was a nice day when I drew this. It was before the second lockdown of 2020. For years I went to Jardin de Luxembourg every day. Every morning I jogged around the gardens twice, in 45 minutes. It was a 7 K run. Then I would return with my child after school and she would ride the ponies or the swings and we’d buy a crèpe au nutella and have to peel it off of the paper towel they served it in. During the fall she would collect chesnuts and bring them back home where they would sit in a bucket on the balcony for months until they rotted and we had to throw them away. We’d meet with friends and have picknicks vying for a place on the lawns that were littered with cigarette butts and half naked Parisians and when we stood up wet spots marked our clothes. On some days there would be dust storms and on others so many people that no chairs were available.

Now the garden gates are locked. One day they will reopen and I’ll go sketch another queen of France.

If you follow me on instagram you know I painted this a few days ago. It’s for sale.