Masked 3 – daily illustrations of Parisians during Covid

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What is behind the mask?

Why are we forced to wear masks?

The list of French absurdities…

Masked or fined 135 euro then jailed on 3rd offense for anyone age 12 and up: Where? On the street, in the metro, walking into a restaurant or any other public space. The announcments on the metro line 1 are every 5 minutes.

Where is NO Mask okay?

For anyone under the age of 12, anywhere. For anyone smoking anywhere, anyone sitting inside or outside at a restaurant, riding a bicycle, jogging, standing on a street corder with a drink because they are suposedly sitting at a streetside cafe.

The extreme security conscience in France and other Western countries is over the top. What are we securing ourselves from?

I grew up in the 1970’s when cars didn’t have seatbelts, motorcyclists didn’t have helmets, and strollers didn’t have high-tech security systems.

We piled into Cadillac convertables by the tens and rode to Laguna beach. We rode motorcycles at 90Mph down Charles Street. We sped down country roads. We rode on a trailer covered with hay bails stacked 3 meters high (with no seatbelts) when we were 3 and 4 years old. We rode through the desert in the back of the station wagon with our hair blowing out the back window. We rode in the back of pick-up trucks down highway 95, screaming to the wind, with somebody’s German shepard barking all the way.

High security conscience is mortal to the freedom of thought.