8220 Glicine Balcone: an illustration a day from Paris, France

8220 Glicine Balcone : 10×15 cm : ink and watercolor on archival paper

This balcony is in the 17th. There wasn’t wisteria but I felt like painting it. Artists get to invent joy.

I wish you a new year full of light, freedom, and Love.

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Masked n °7 – daily illustrations of Parisians during Covid

n°7 Masked on the Metro

Mixed media on paper 13×18 cm

25 euro free worldwide shipping. Includes envelope. purchase with PayPal

Every one has their own personal thought patterns. Some are visible. If you can’t see them you can feel them, if you can’t feel them you can hear them. If you can’t hear them, well start listening.

What is behind the mask?