Rue Massillon: original illustration

Ink and watercolour on archival Canson 300gr paper. A5 size original one of a kind illustration. This is available on my online shop clic on the link to open in a new tab. There are lots of different illustrations available.

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In Hyères Rue Massillon goes from Place Clemenceau and ends in Place Massillon. The slick stone street is something I’ve never seen in an old village. Usually there are cobble stones.

The street is filled with local shops that sell soap, and olives, and herbes, and of course ice cream shops. There are artists studios. And clothing stores

What is unusual about this town is there are no international franchises on the main Street in the historic center. It’s all local shops. It’s authentic.

A few of my paintings will be available in the gallery Massillon starting in November.

In Hyères here is a University of Free Time with lots of conferences about art. Look at the video to discover the program