n°201931 Mont d Or: French Cheese from ANDROUET a #postcardfromparis

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ink and watercolor illustration of french cheese by Angie Brooksby

n°201931 Le Mont d’Or des Jarrons

Postcard sized illustration- ink and watercolor on archival paper. Free international standard shipping in an envelope


This is one of my favorite cheeses in the whole world so when I saw it in the window of ANDROUET in place Saint Medard right across from the church, it was necessary to paint it.

I’ve noticed that the French merchants are not always the jovial type, like one of the other cheese mongers on rue Mouffetard who yelled at me to get away from them when I asked, “Puis-je dessiner votre fromage?” Maybe no one ever asked them. That was the day I painted the chickens and the butcher was a bit gruff about it. “Can I paint your chicken?” Maybe it wasn’t a surprising thing to say. I can’t remember if I asked whether I could paint his sausage or his liver and then thought the Brest chickens were more beautiful.

Anyway there I was ready to skedaddle as I furtively sketched the Mont d’Or through the window. (This time I didn’t bother asking. I just stole the moment. ) Then the manager opened the door. I felt like Thumper, ready to beat my foot on the ground and split the scene.

french cheese from ANDROUET

To my surprise he was kind. He told me I could paint as long as I wanted and “Please do come in. Feel free to paint anything you want and stay as long as you like.”

I am definitely now a big fan of ANDROUET. I hope everyone in that shop gets a raise.

Wow, like, wow. I wasn’t sure if I was still in Paris or if I’d woken up in some other place on the planet. I went inside and the smell was heavy-heavenly, cheesy and yeasty. My mouth watered and I drew a few more of my favorites.

ink and watercolor illustration of french cheese by Angie Brooksby
201931 Le de Mont d’Or des Jarrons – postcard-sized illustration – ink and watercolor on archival paper

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