TROIS ÉCLAIRS AU CHOCOLAT n°201930 #postcardfromparis

Collectable Postcard from Paris – 25 euro – free shipping worldwide

n 201930 - TROIS ÉCLAIRS AU CHOCOLAT - postcard-sized illustration - ink and watercolor


Postcard sized illustration- ink and watercolor on archival paper. Free international standard shipping in an envelope


Not all chocolate éclairs are equal. These are from Maison Landemaine. Chocolate éclairs supposedly got their name because they were consumed at lightning speed.

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Gotta a favorite Parisian scene? Tell me and I’ll illustrate it live, on site, and mention you on my instagram feed. Great gift for that special person.

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Send me to your "MON PARIS". Your favorite Parisian scene. Tell me why it is your favorite place in Paris. I will recount your story and Illustrate the scene on Instagram. Maybe it's where you proposed to get married, maybe it was the place of your first kiss. The Pont des Arts? I'll message you with the details when the video will be posted. ___ Read carefully: Disclaimer: Please note that this does NOT include the illustration. It does not include ticket prices to monuments or Batobus or private museums. It must be in Downtown, Paris. This is not a product. It is a service that includes my time and transport costs.