n 20193 Boite à Macarons and the THANKSGIVING WEEKEND CONTEST –

The next four days: win a Collectable Postcard from Paris – for free – free shipping standard worldwide included.

What do you have to do? I’ll tell you and show you today’s prize but first let me present you with today’s Postcard from Paris. This is not today’s prize.

an illustration of macarons

20193 Boite à Macarons

n 201923 Boite à Macarons - a postcard sized illustration - ink and watercolor on archival paper


So, how do you win today’s prize? Be the first to comment on this blogpost. It doesn’t matter what you say. What matters is that you are the first to comment.

Today’s prize is: UPDATE! Prize is going to Ireland

41 La Parisienne

How do you get your card? If you are the first to comment, send me an email aebrooksby(at)gmail.com with the address you want it sent to.

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Gotta a favorite Parisian scene? Tell me and I’ll illustrate it live, on site, and mention you on my instagram feed. Great gift for that special person.

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  1. Wow Ang, there is no end to your talent. Love, love, love all that you do. Miss you lots. The ‘real’ chicken 😂😂😂xxx
    Ps happy thanksgiving xxx


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