The Gilded Faces

For years I’ve wanted to paint faces. Here is the new series. The Gilded. Available on Singulart, clic on each image to go to the page. They are graced by the limelight, the divine light, or just too cool to pass up. These works are india ink and gilding on canvas, Black, White and Gold. Let me know what you think. I believe they have that universal quality I’ve been searching for. A boutique hotel needs these. Everyone who has seen them is wow-ed.

If you are a fan of the Netflix series the Bridgerton, stay tuned. Angie adored the Duke of Hastings, and those wigs that Queen Charlotte sported could have held a bee hive.

The gilding on these pieces makes them interactive, they reflect everything, but they don’t listen to you. They seem to light up when the sun goes down. The eyes of the Golden Yogi Sadhu seem to stare at you no matter how far to the side of the canvas you are. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had eyes in the back of his head. Milady Hilda has got secrets. And she’s dying to let you know. She’s sassy. I asked my girlfriends what to name her, we had a great laugh but I won’t tell you what we said. It’s a secret. James is looking down his nose. That doesn’t mean anything, maybe his top hat is too big. Sugar Daddy is cool. And Peter Jackson was world famous boxer who was born a free man in the late 1800’s.

This is what they look like hanging on the wall.

Lemon trees and Feng Shui

Right now on the French Riviera the citrus trees are blooming. The perfume of orange and lemon blossoms fills the air. Never in my life have I lived in a place where the air is perfumed like it is here. So I decided to paint a giant lemon tree.

All of these are available here on Singulart

Clic on the image to see more photos and the details.
Click on the image to see more images and the details and

While I was working on this I received a call for entries from Singulart to create something based on Feng Shui.

I discovered that citrus trees are auspicious plants to have in your home especially your wealth corner. I read that they were carried in pots and were given to the emperor. During the travels the fruits ripened.

Apparently a lime tree on each side of the front door is especially brings good fortune.

The entries had to be drawings, not paintings. I haven’t made big for years. From my garage I dug up archival 600 pound cold-pressed Arches watercolour paper and set to work

Click on the image to go to the Singulart page.

Moonlight Lemon Tree was the first one I did. Then I drew a pair of lime trees in pots, working non stop for seven hours. All three of these works on paper are refreshing and elegant. The gilding reflects differently as the light changes in the room. Gilding brings a canvas to life

All three were hard to photograph because outside it was windy and there is a pesky cat that likes to spray anything. Moonlight Lemon tree was particularly hard to photograph. It’s a delicate drawing, sophisticated and calm, while the two lime trees are joyful. For some reason they remind me of Florida.