n 201941 Salted French Butter

N 201941 Salted French Butter- original postcard sized illustration on archival paper

Everything is out of order in Paris, including this post which should have gone up a few days ago. It’s the strikes. Right? I couldn’t even pay my taxes. I guess I should have offered butter to oil the spokes.

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Pommegranates n° 201943

Pommegranates a @Postcard from Paris
n201943 Pommegranates – a postcardsized illustration- ink watercolor and graphite on archival paper

Do you want to know about the strikes in Paris? Well it’s really bad. I got blisters on the souls of my feet because I had to walk 3 hours to get home after teaching English. But It’s kind of fun to walk around and discover new scenery. Everything in Paris has changed since Notre Dame burned.

Pommegranates symbolize abundance. What a great way to start out in 2020.

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