Noilly Prat Parisian Cat


photo of Parisian cat
Cat at home in a Parisian Bistrot

While I’m painting up a storm for my upcoming show in June, I’m listening to Johnny Heller read Carole Nelson DouglasCat in Zebra Zoot Suit.  This could be Midnight Louie, Temple’s furry detective partner.

I haven’t read many books where animals speak, some think it’s gimmicky but Johnny Heller as Midnight Louie is fantastic. Carole Nelson Douglas’ comic word choice is delightful.

I love Johnny Heller’s voice. He read, or shall I say performed, Tod Goldberg’s Gangsterland.  Gansterland was my first audiobook this year. It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read or listened to.

Last year I listened to more than thirty audio books. Johnny Heller has a fantastic voice. Marrying his narration with these two books is a win-win.


2 thoughts on “Noilly Prat Parisian Cat

    1. Hi Lilac,
      Now when I look at certain paintings I remember which book I listened to. It’s like the story is woven into it.

      Cat in a Zebra Zoot Suit has the cat reflecting on human behavior in ways that make me laugh. The cat’s POV is 1st and all the humans is in 3rd.


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