Graffiti in Paris

JO BER graffiti, Paris

Graffiti is illegal in Paris  but it’s everywhere and sometimes it is legal.

Graffiti has ancient origins. It began long before Montana spray cans. Here is a blogpost I wrote when I was researching the origin of graffiti.

In Paris, artists are chosen each year by the association Lezarts de La Bievre to paint their works on donated walls. Lezarts is an association grouping artists’ ateliers in the 13th and 5th arrondissements which wind around the buried Bievre river.  When the Bievre was visible it flowed along rue Pascal from what is now Square René Le Gal. Long ago it served tanneries. Can you imagine the smell?

This piece by JO BER  is on rue Henri Barbusse. Here is a link to JO BER‘s facebook page.

If you look closely, you can see that this wall has been painted over again and again. Until I saw the photo I thought the white spots were flaking paint. Now I see clouds.