How I found freedom from my dream

This past year has been a time for reflection and it’s brought big changes in my work. Looking back I see that I realized the dream of my youth.

What was that dream ?

Move to Paris and be an artist. Dreams are attainable. In 1988 I left the US with 400$ in my pocket and a one way ticket to Italy. During the 21 years I lived there I carved a niche in space and built a career.

Then one day I woke up and saw that wasn’t the life I wanted. I sold everything and moved to Paris. People said I was stupid to give away all that I had built and move for the unknown. I had everything in the material world that would make 90% of the people happy. Including a house on the Etruscan coast. Every summer I spent 3 months at the sea…

But Paris was the destination. And it’s been good to me.

Then last year the persona Angie the Artist seemed to vanish. Nothing worked, nothing sold. I was in the red and digging. I had to get a job. I was terrified. I had to get a facial🤣 and I sobbed for an entire day. Starbucks refused me. Amorino didn’t even respond. My ego was a doormat.

Thank God I was practicing Hatha and Nada Yoga everyday. The vritti were calm.

I wanted a job where I didn’t have to think. I cleaned a house and the lady never paid me. I didn’t want to teach English though I had a good CV and I’d been smart enough to get a teaching certificate. Just before the massive strikes last December I interviewed with Cap English.

Then the strikes hit.

They offered me classes the next day because many of their teachers couldn’t get to work. I walked 3 hours in the rain to teach for 3 hours then another 3 hour walk to get home…

I subbed in different schools until in one school the teachers begged me to take over because the former teacher left.

I never knew how much I would like teaching. I even forget I exist when I’m writing on the blackboard. I was liberated from the persona Angie the Artist because I was enjoying myself, thought I did have to think 😉. No time wasted declaring taxes, doing marketing. No pressure.

One day during the lunch pause I looked at a tree and thought how the tree was content. It didn’t need to be anyone. It didn’t have to pretend

I was liberated from a 30+ year ego trip.

And now I am free to paint, scuplt, and play music.

Today’s Postcard from Paris : 26 November

Metro Ticket – 10x15cm, metro tickets, mixed media on Bristol paper – 25 euro

These postcards are like a journal entry of my life  in Paris. They are one of a kind, mixed media on Bristol paper, or archival watercolor paper.

All are dated and noted: Where I sketched it, which café or arrondissiment, which metro line.

I’ll send them anywhere in the world with the message of your choice.  An envelope and standard postal shipping is included in the price.

All are 25 Euro. Payment by papal

Purchase Original Postcard from Paris

Hand painted original mixed media sent worldwide. Great gift idea to a friend abroad or for yourself. When checking out PLEASE SPECIFY THE NUMBER OF THE CARD, the address you want them sent to and the message.


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What’s available and what’s sold…

Le Compositeur – 10x15cm  – watercolor, pen and ink 25 euro
Le Barista – 10x15cm – watercolor, pen and ink – 25 euro
Parisian Balcony – sold, gone to Dublin, Ireland
The Writer – 10x15cm – ink, watercolor 25 euro
20:365postcardofparis - copie
Cafe Dudule – 10x15cm -ink, watercolor 25 euro
31:365postcardparis - copie
Java Inspiration – sold – New Mexico, USA
original watercolor of Paris
Square Saint Medard – 10x15cm – ink, watercolor 25 euro
Pont Neuf – 10x15cm ink & watercolor, 25 euro
Paris Style – 10x15cm – ink & watercolor 25 euro
La Seine- 10x15cm – ink, watercolor 25 euro
Maillol au Louvre -10x15cm- ink, watercolor – 25 euro