Happy Thanksgiving

I am grateful for many things. This gift of life, my wonderful mother & my father, my brother, my daughter, the kind things my husband has done for me. The water in the faucet. Especially when there isn’t any. The simple things impress me most. Food on the table shared with friends and fam is priceless. I miss being with you. The South of France is far away from my homeland. Turkey day isn’t the same… Here it’s all about Black Friday. And so here is a coupon code to shop on my website.

15% off for purchases over 60 Euro


Here are a few new ones that could be available for 35 euro on my online shop > Clic on the link to see < A new tab will open.

Pen and Windsor Newton watercolour on Canson 300 gr archival paper size A5.

November 25 -26 -27 come see me at the biggest art salon in the Var.


see the flyer below.

These buildings are in the town of Hyères. It’s the town where I now live and paint. I did this illustration as a demonstration during an urban sketch workshop. I will be taking it to the Salon Femminart if it is still available.

The art fair Femminart has 280 women artists and creators who will exhibit and sell their work for three days. The salon is visited by nearly 8000 people. Come see me. It’s in the Palais de Neptune in Toulon.