Postcards from the Riviera

Life in the south of France is wonderful. After a year of life on the Riviera my hair has grown back and I don’t feel like I’m in a rush anymore. All that city stress has left me.

On Saturdays I host a cafe sketch session in the historical center of Hyères. Here are some of the illustrations that are available via my online shop.

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Illustrations of my life in France are now available

In Hyères life is quiet. There is lots to do but the pace is slower than the big city Paris. People are kind and let you cross the street instead of threatening to roll you. People have time for you.

There are palm trees and beaches and sand and blue skies and stars. Lots of yoga classes. I even saw a budgie in a tree. There is a park with peacocks. The airport from Toulon is in Hyères.

The place feels like a mix between California and Italy.

Featured on the header

In the last month Singulart selected two of my paintings for curated collections. Times Square Nite. was selected as the banner image for the entire collection. What a wonderful surprise!

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This is a screenshot from the page of the collection

The painting is Times Square Nite and it’s in this collection. Travel with Singluart: North America.

For sure Times Square is a bucket location. It’s worth seeing it once, even if you aren’t a city person. When I was there some guy rode by on his bicycle and complained about the tourists. I thought that was funny.

Here is what this gorgeous painting would look like on your wall, if you live in Paris :)) . The mannequin on the left is for sale, it’s called Place Colette. The other one moved to a luxurious apartment on the other side of Paris.

From Singulart’s collection À Table.

Another painting that was selected for a curated collection is Le Bistro du Peintre. Probably the largest cafe scene that I’ve made to date. It looks great on this red wall. It’s in the collection À Table.

It pleases me to be featured in this collection because my paintings have been about food for years. In Italy I painted food in the style of the Romans. It was called Xenia when they decorated the walls of villas with still life’s of fruit. They did this as an offering. Anyone who came was offered fruit. LOL, you couldn’t eat it but you were offered. I like that.