Arcange Eyes and la Nuit des Artistes in Honfleur

Tomorrow in Honfleur at the Villa Domuse is the Nuit des Artistes.  I’m presenting my Arcange Eyes.

I’ve been working on this for a year. Most of the work was thinking. My gallerist asked me to paint on sculptures like my Tigre Blue. The tigers weren’t available. Those were a limited edition made for the Amneville zoo to raise funds in order to save tigers in the wild.

I searched on the web for resin sculptures. Lots of penguins and crocodiles and bulldogs and… Mannequins were a possibility, then resin replicas of classical sculptures. But I wanted some form of my own creation. For months nothing came to mind. Then I had a dream after a stressful event. The nazar eye appeared in my dream. And the Arcange Eyes were born. It took me 8 months to create the left eye. I had to think some more.  Each eye is 40 cm wide. The pair is perfect for your fireplace and if you tire of the eyes you can turn them around.

The mangas are Pichi Pichi Pitch.