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Collectable Postcard from Paris –

When I first moved to Paris from Florence, Italy where I had lived for 21 years it was the coldest January on record, I was missing one thing in particular. I remember painting a portrait of a guy in my atelier in La Fabrique in this plastic space made out of …

a collectable illustration of Paris


10x15 cm - ink, watercolor on cold pressed archival paper. Free standard worldwide shipping sent in an envelope. Ask for the message of your choice, and specify the address at checkout.


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Sketched live, on site –

…wire that I nailed to the beams and covered with plastic like in this photo of the construction site. When I turned on the gas heater the plastic turned into a bubble. The bubble was the size of a room because the atelier ceilings were 5m high on one side and the entire atlelier was 70 M2. There were holes in the walls and broken windows.

It was, like, really bohemian. I almost thought to cut off an ear.

But okay, this guy whose portrait I was painting sat next to the heater. I was paying him to model for me. No, he wasn’t naked. Next to him it was 3°C and next to me below zero. We were freezing our, hmm, freezing cold. My fingers were blue. And my heart was too because it was SO UGLY in this place after living in Florence. (Now the Fabrique is a nice place but it is still in IVRY-SUR SEINE, gag) I was missing something so bad that I couldn’t see it in front of my eyes even if they were right there on every street in Paris.

ugly plastic bubble

What do you think I was missing?

I even wrote about it on this blog I had called Postcards from Paris

I was missing the flowers.