Postcard from Paris n64

illustration of a Parisian cafe
n 64 tables set  Cave la Bourgogne

N64  -10x15cm ink, watercolor on Arches paper

The Cave la Bourgogne is one of my favorite places in the neighborhood. One sunday morning in winter we were there after shopping in the Mouffetard market. It was January 1st and a bone chilling wind whipped the water spraying from the fountain. I don’t know why the fountain was pumping water.  Didn’t the city think the pipes could have frozen? Whatever.

We were sipping a hot beverage, propably coffee. Can’t get enough of the stuff in the mornings. As we swallowed hot java we gazed out the window. It’s a lovely window. Big… There to our amazement came two guys. It was clear they’d been paryting all night long to celebrate the end of the year. They’d lost their coats along the way. One of the dudes was wearing a short sleeved white t-shirt. One step up from a wife-beater. He wasn’t feeling the cold at all. Because he waved to his friend from the ledge of the fountain then hopped into the water.

I’ll never forget the look on his face after he emerged from the icy water. Stone cold. All trace of tan washed off in the fountain. It was pathetically funny. I felt bad for laughing because he was hurting bad. We watched them hobble away with a very different esprit.


Dated and noted. Colors on screen may vary from the actual real live illustration.

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