4 thoughts on “Exodus – a Parisian urban landscape

  1. Oh my! Muted tones, yes!! I can tell it’s “you” by the style and subject matter. While the colors are not your signature colors they really work here. I love the crowd tones a lot. I might want the largest tree on the right to be “greener” -I’m having a hard time telling my brain that it’s not a building. However, I’ve had a headache today, and I’m no expert I’m just responding to your request.


    1. Hi Laura,
      I’ve been toning down my palette for the last year. It’s a parisian influence, I guess.

      When I’m painting from photos, first I manipulate the colors on screen. For this one I reduced the saturation and colored it sepia. But then during the painting, things change.

      That tree could have greener, (more yellow) and yes it could be a building. The gardeners in Luxembourg gardens cut the trees into cubes. Not all of them but near the south exit where this image is, there is an alley of Chestnut trees cut into cubes.

      As a teaser, I’ve started sculpting. It’s a request for a gallery. They are going to be wildly colored. I’ll get my rocks off while I hold in the reins on the painting.


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